What is the goal of the game?

When you play paintball, two teams, consisting of three, five or seven players play on a pitch against each other. The playing field has many obstacles or coverings in various forms that can be used as a cover of the player or to move unobserved by the enemy. The playing time is limited to five or ten minutes. The teams start simultaneously at the opposite ends of the playing field and run into the first cover. These are the players as milestones, behind which they can hide to avoid the opposing color balls. to reach the opponent's flag, which is located at the other end of the play area, and bring them into their own starting zone: aim of the game. To restrict freedom of movement in the game to the opponent and prevent moves, players have called. Marker with which color balls (paintballs) can be fired. During the game, each coming off, the color of a ball, whether the shoe, on the mask or else where marked. This means that the balls must leave a visible spot of color at least. Complete it a player to bring the enemy flag into their own initial zone, without being hit, the game is immediately over. In the modern game variations the flag is replaced by a buzzer which you have to press in order to decide the game for his team.


What is the attraction of the game?

Two things are the attractions: the large number of possible combinations and the speed of game play. Since all players can move simultaneously in the game, an infinite number of combinations give each other at positions of the players, which are traversed in rapid succession. Can be at the beginning a clear advantage a team, because it has its players better placed, so this situation can turn into its opposite immediately when a player of the opposing team uses a carelessness and can, for example, achieve a strategic coverage. The single player has to overlook the protection of its cover, where the teammates and opponents are, and decide by acclamation with the players tactics and implement. Paintball calls and therefore promotes many features: the skill and strategic thinking of the chess player who Marksmanship a dodgeball player and the speed of a footballer.